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Friendlier front end

I have a customer that wants a more user friendly way to amend settings such as   moving agents into different teams, changing hours of operation, emergency prompts etc.  They would want a browser app  where they can change fields and in the background, this will change the script.  Is there any information available about how to do this?


Re: Friendlier front end

I have had great success with the CCX API.  I am still new to putting a web front end on this but have had a text based app and windows GUI app work perfectly to do a few of these items. 


What language will you be using? 

Have you used PostMan before? 


Check this out for API info. It has links to further API info!uccx-overview/what-is-unified-contact-center-express



Re: Friendlier front end

Many thanks for replying . The link is very useful and a good reference.
In terms of what language I am using. I'm afraid I am no programmer, so
looking to start at the beginning.

From the link you gave I can see that it is possible to build a web
page that can perform the actions we require, whether it is a click or a
drop down box. I recognise that this is not a small undertaking for
someone with no programming background, but figure this will be a good
project to start with.

can you provide any pointers on where to start?


Re: Friendlier front end

I would suggest Python as your language.


If you want a quick proof of concept for maybe a single setting you can use tkinter to get a simple GUI running.


If you you want to dive into a web front end you will want to explore Flask.


Get a copy of PostMan to do some testing outside of Python and use the sample code it generates to speed you along. 


You can can find a lot of resources online but I find a couple real books helpful for foundations. 

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Re: Friendlier front end

You can find links from the below link for the API. I would try PostMan for some testing and learning the process. I have been able to simplify several CCX settings with a text based and Windows GUI based app written in python. 


What language will you you be using?!uccx-overview/what-is-unified-contact-center-express


Hope this helps 

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