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Get a list with ALL queues from Finesse using the API

I am building an app that integrates with Finesse using the API. I need to retrieve a list of all configured queues in the system on startup. How can I do this? At the moment I only seem to be able to:

A) Retrieve a specific queue based on its ID


B) Retrieve a list of queues based on a single userid.

Would appreciate any help.

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There is not currently an API to list ALL queues. As you state, you can retrieve a specific queue or retrieve the queues for a specific agent.


Thanks for the quick reply. Do you know if this will this be added in future releases?

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I checked with the product manager.

He said Finesse only knows about queues on the PG it connects to. We don’t have plans of allowing Finesse to connect to multiple PG’s so it can fetch multiple queues.


Thanks for reply again,

Not sure what you mean by PG?

The requirement that I need to fulfil for the business is that we have a contact centre with several groups of sales agents, customer service, retention department etc. These groups/departments have separate queues. Sometimes an incoming call ends up with i.e. a sales agent which may find it better to transfer the call to the customer service queue if it is an existing customer. I therefore need to retrieve all queues so that the agent can select which queue to transfer to from the UI.

The business will want to add/remove queues independent of our software releases so I need it to be dynamic and an option to at any time retrieve all queues in our call centre system would be the best solution.

Do you know of a workaround?

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A PG is a Peripheral Gateway which is a component of Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) that connects to Callmanager via JTAPI and handles ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) functionality.

See the UCCE SRND (Solution Reference Network Design)  for descriptions of UCCE.

Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Design Guide, Release 10.0(1) - Cisco

I do not know of a workaround for obtaining all queues.



I was facing a similar issue. The problem with the getQueue() function is that it requires admin credentials and it is not very useful for agent jquery.

What we did is, we hosted another service on a Windows IIS machine that builds up full list of queues in XML file from the queues assigned to users (run through all users and get all queues that belong to them).

Then the Finesse server is using the web request io method to fetch the XML file and parse it as json structure.

It works quite ok for now.