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Get Call Contact Info step not always populating variables


Hi everyone,
I have a script that starts like this:
Accept (--Triggering Contact--)
logContactInfo = Get Trigger Info (Contact)
On Exception (ContactInactiveException) Goto END
Get Call Contact Info (--Triggering Contact)
--> Calling Number: callingNumber
--> Called Number: calledNumber
--> Original Called Number: originalCalledNumber
For the sake of brevity I've omitted some custom Java code that sends log information to another server, but
suffice it to say that I know exactly what's going on in the script because of this logging. I've removed the
custom code while diagnosing this issue just to be sure that it wasn't causing the problem in the first place.
The problem is that the "calledNumber" and "originalCalledNumber" variables aren't always being populated.
That's to say that it's intermittent; sometimes they're populated but most of the time they not. I understand
that the "Called Number" and "Original Called Number" are different things but I need at least one of them to
populate for the rest of the script to function properly.
If I do a reactive debug on the script in the CCX Editor the variables populate without a problem. This leads
me to think that it's a timing issue; the server doesn't give the Get Call Contact Info step enough time to do
whatever it does, but when I'm stepping through the script in the reactive debug I go a lot slower than the
server, thus the variables populate properly. But I've added 5 second delays before and after the Get Call
Contact Info step and it doesn't make a difference.
And here's the really weird thing, the "callingNumber" (ie the Caller ID) always gets populated, without fail.
I could write some custom Java code to pull the Calling Number out of the JTAPI stream but I feel like that's
just ignoring a potentially bigger issue.
Any suggestions would be appreciated - thanks!

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