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Gw network recording

We currently use BiB sip trunk recording but now have a requirement for gw recording or network based 


Normally we set the DN to be BiB and when a call is established, the recorder is set the users DN via  CTI messages and if the user is configured then the recorder sends "start recording" message to cucm which then instructs the BiB via the sip route pattern to send duplicate rtp packages to the recorder


Now with the gw, you configure a xmf provider with the ip address of your cucm. Then on DN you turn off BiB and set the config to gateway.

Is the process for BiB the same with the gw config?

Recorder checks the DN against the config and if to be recorded send a "start recording" message to cucm - now does send a message to the gw to send packages to itself which cucm then forwards the packages to the recorder as before. Does the gw only send rtp packages when cucm instructs it to do so or does it do it for every call including non recording DN?





Re: Gw network recording

First, the NBR approach isn’t a complete replacement for BiB since it only captures calls transiting a recording-enabled/configured trunk. On-net calls (eg internal extension-to-extension call, consult transfer leg, etc) will not be recorded if you disable BIB. This is why the parameter is a Recording *Preference*; BIB is the only option for some calls.

The recording-enabled gateway sends RTP packets directly to the recording server; CUCM does not proxy them.

As with BIB recording the recording begins based on the DN’s config: on-demand if set to triggered or all calls if automatic.
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Re: Gw network recording

Hi Jonathan 


Thanks for the reply, I know gateway recording have some failings ie no internal to internal calls but in our situation it should be OK as we can state it is inbound only recording 


I though I saw the xmf provider pinter to cucm? Personally I also though it was the recorder but some docs and sunset youtune suggested cucm?



Re: Gw network recording

The NBR with xml provider configuration is used with CUCM. Separate from that would be dial-peer forked recording which is a different configuration.
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Re: Gw network recording



only certain calls need to be recorded ie call centre agents based upon the call profile and the gateway recording set on the dn -same location as BiB 


the dual forking at the gw will result in all calls being reformed -is this correct?

Re: Gw network recording

Dial-peer forking or CUCM NBR automatic recording will offer all calls to the recording server. It has the option to decline the call/recording offer. Separate dial-peers for calls that should be recorded vs. those that should not could also filter it out.
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