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Hi Unified Communications Applications Group


please Mr. CCIE Unified Communications Applications

am Bader from elect. Comapny

we use CAD 7.0 on IPCC and already use windows xp mode

but you know Microsoft stopped support windows xp

we are bought licence from one years only and we have more 4 years

we need to upgrade from XP to Windows 7 , but we listen some instructions from Google to return to buy more licence for CAD, CAS and server

that will take more money of my comapny and will loss old licence cost

please can find to us some solution to upgrade this system to be computable with windows 7

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Bradford Magnani
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Bader,

I've moved your posting to the Contact Center discussion group since they would take care of this type of question.


VIP Advocate VIP Advocate
VIP Advocate

Are you asking how you can run CAD 7.0 on Windows 7?


PS: Looks like you're going to have to upgrade CAD, I'm not aware of a work around.


Please I mean on my posting (how upgrade my CAD to be compatible with windows 7 )

my CAD version is 7.0 and work with xp mode

but we are buy this licence before one years of 5  years

mean we remind 4 years of using

we plane to upgrade windows xp to windows 7 mode beacuse Microsoft don't support windows xp now

we plane to upgrade to windows 7 but CAD 7.0 not compitable with windows 7

we have more live of licence like 4 years

we need to upgrade CAD 7.0 to new version to be comptiable with windows 7 by same old licence what we remain 4 years more

we didn't want to buy new licence like CAD 8.0 or ect..

we need another solutions to not loss cost of old licence

You will have to upgrade CAD.  As with most contact center software, you should be entitled to the upgrade software, however since 8.0 goes to an appliance model the hardware you're using might not work for 8.0.  I would reach out to your Cisco sales team for a definet answer.


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