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Alan Singmin

How do I access custom enterprise data?


I have a client running UCCx 7.0(1)SR05_Build504 Premium, we have added extra fields to the enterprise data and customized the Agent Desktop to display the new fields. The Agents can enter the data in the fields while the call is in progress, no problems so far. The challenge that we are having at the moment is that the client would like to get reports from the Historical Reporter for the new fields. We have gotten our SQL / Crystal Reports guru to have a look and help me, but we are having a challenge in finding where the UCCx is hiding the information in the database (DB_CRA) or how we go about accessing this new field information?

Any assistance would be appreciated, as the client would like to pull reports on the new custom enterprise data fields.

Thank you




Which variables are you using?

The callerentereddigits, accountnumber and customvariables1-10 get writtten to the ContactCallDetail table with the call.


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Hi Aaron,

I created three new variables in Web CDA->Enterprise Data->Fields and I  also created a layout in Web CDA->Enterprise Data->Layout List which includes the three new variables.

The agents are allowed to modify enterprise data and can input data during a call in the new variable data fields.

Where is this data stored and how can we access it?

I'm fairly new to the UCCx world, and this is the first time that I've had to create new variable fields in the enterprise data. I found some websites and documentation which explained how to create the new fields, but none of them said how to access the data or if the new data fields needed to be integrated into the scripting somehow.



Only the variables Aaron listed above get written to db_cra. Any additional variables that you create are not. The general idea is that you store anything useful for long-term reporting needs into those variables (e.g. an account number) while other data that is only useful to triggering workflow actions or guiding agent behavior is placed in the variables that you can create.

Thank you for your answer, but we would like to know where and how is this custom enterprise data stored and how can we access it, if we can?

If we cannot access the data how do I go about configuring the UCCx or the scripting so that the data gets stored somewhere and we can create a custom report for our client with the custom enterprise data?

Thank you

If you store the data in the CustomCallVariable1 - CustomCallVariable10, it will be stored in the db_cra database. Then you should be able to report on it.


Thank you for your reply, now for the second part of my question....

How would I go about configuring the UCCx or the scripting so that the data  gets stored somewhere (either in the db_cra database or somewhere else) and we can create a custom report for our client  with the custom enterprise data?

Is there a way to transfer or write the information over from the custom enterprise data to the CustomCallVariable(s) or is there a way for the Agents to enter free text data into the CustomCallVariable(s) ?

... any ideas or suggestions?

Thank you


The historical reporting client will have the information. If you want custom, zero effort reports then you will have to do an external db integration and write the data there.



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