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How stable is UCCX 10.6.1?


We are currently running 10.5.1. We are experiencing a number of issues with this release and was told to upgrade to 10.6.1. I was wondering if anyone here currently using 10.6.X and if so would like to know how stable it is, and what was the reason behind the upgrade?

Thank you,


Tanner Ezell

I would not recommend it at this time unless TAC has specifically identified the defects and are marked fixed in the targeted version.


What issues are you encountering on 10.5.1 today?

Tanner Ezell


Thank you for responding to my question. FYI. I am seeing a number of issues with 10.5.1, TAC been contacted and recommend that I should upgrade to 10.6.1. I have tested 10.6.1 in my test environment however there is no way for me to completely test everything, thus I am reaching out to see if anyone else may have upgraded to 10.6.1 and willing to share the experience.

Thank you,


I believe the Finesse/CAD coexistence was dropped - it's not in the release notes.

... if:

- TAC are advising you to upgrade because you have specific issues that are fixed in 10.6

- the issues you have are having an impact on your business

... then I would upgrade.

If they are advising you to upgrade without providing detail of specific fixes that exist in that version then I would query them further on it. 


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According to the BU there's a COP file due end-Feb that will enable co-existance of CAD and Finesse

Hi Ian :-)

Good to know, cheers... we'll be upgrading here very soon, but can't really flip everyone over to Finesse with all the work I've put into CAD... so that'll be a nice-to-have..



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I heard the same thing about the COP file.  I was also told that they may only issue it on an as needed basis when a customer has a specific need.


Finesse/CAD is currently in early field trial for 10.6.1, not dropped.  They have not given official support for it yet, but if and when it comes it will be 10.6 and the docs will just be updated.

10.6 is more stable, especially if you are running finesse.  That said, careful with scheduled reports in CUIC... there's a nasty bug there for that where the reports will fail/crash out and when they do CUIC thread count jumps.  Let it go too long and you could have bad results.

Hi Eric

I think I see that bug (+5) on 10.5 - I'm getting lots of RTMT alerts for threads/procs and did have a period where some reports where failing.

Ho hum.


Aaron Please remember to rate helpful posts to identify useful responses, and mark 'Answered' if appropriate!

Hi Eric,

Do you happen to have that Bug ID for CUIC?   I believe I'm seeing it sporadically on 10.5.1SU1... restarting the CUIC reporting service makes the alerts stop, but I'd like to see the bug report if possible.  Bug search on turns up nothing.

I don't have the bug ID, but it is fixed in 11.0.x and it looks like they're even allowing us to move CUIC off-box (WOOT).

Marcelo Morais

Hi LV,

  there is a UCCX 10.5(1)SU1 version (23-Sep-2014), are you using it?


 My suggestion about UCCX 10.6.1 (15-Dec-2014) ...

I found this article, for a quick understand of features: Are Cisco’s 10.5 and 10.6 UCCX Updates Worth it?

You should also check the Compatibility Matrix to find any advantage for you between 10.5 and 10.6 update: Compatibility Matrix for Unified CCX.

If you can install the UCCX 10.6 in a Lab environment for comparison, that will be the best.


Hope this helps.



I have a customer running 10.6.1 right now after experiencing issues with Finesse in 10.5 after an upgrade.  We could literally only run for a handful of hours before a memory leak in the Finesse java heap for would cause it to stop processing until we restarted the service.  It would also not successfully fail over to the HA node when this happened  (agents could manually browse to the HA node and logon).  Our situation was said to be caused by a known bug relating to a custom CUIC report that we included as a gadget in Finesse. Here was our bug, in case anyone is interested:


So far so good on 10.6, the customer has been running since late December without issue.  We are officially using it on all installs.  We have several staged and running well, but only the one that is live.


Hope this helps!


John Irey

Tympani Inc.

I've been very pleased with 10.6... Finesse was a bumpy road in UCCX until 10.6 in my experience. 



Hello Kevin,

You said that Finesse works fine in 10.6 compared with 10.5 version. But in 10.6 I met a very strange situation:

- I am assigning a workflow to a team - that workflow works OK for a while and after that the assignment disappears and is necessary to be assigned again to the team. Find no bug till now on bug toolkit. It is something very strange and have no idea yet why happens something like this.

Any info is very much appreciated.

Thank you,



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