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How to add 'Time in State' display to Finesse Agent in Desktop Layout?

Anyone, pretty pleez!

I am struggling to decipher the esoteric XML that makes up the Finesse Desktop Layout.

The Admin Guide was written by the developers who obviously were not cut-out for a career in creative writing and communications!

Customer is requesting that their Finesse Agent Desktop display the same variable 'Time in State' that the Finesse Supervisor Desktop displays (under Manage Team tab/icon).

The Finesse Agent Desktop just displays the agent 'State' (Ready/Not Ready, etc) and not the length of 'time in state'.
Any hints of what gadget is supposed to be updated/inserted, where, would be most appreciated.
UCCX 12.5(1)ES02 (the most current) is the version installed.

VIP Engager

I apologize if I'm missing something, but if the supervisor display's layout includes the report want with the data you need, wouldn't you just copy that report (that part of the layout that references that report) into the agent layout section? This way it is the same report that everyone would be looking at.

I concur and agree
That is how it should work
I have have experimented but without luck
I am wondering if the Supervisor Manage Team tab on the left has some additional permissions that the Agent Home tab does not?
I plan to continue to try some more
Thx for bothering to reply!

Those displays in Finesse are built in CUIC live data reports that have different permissions for Agents and Supervisors.

If you create a new live data report in CUIC and you can display that report in Finesse in place of the original report.

You need to use two different browsers, use the first browser to login to CUIC as the administrator and the second browser to login as an agent.

Do a Save as on the supervisor report that shows the time in state and then alter the permission on that report to allow the agent to run it. You can then test in your second browser logged in as the agent.

If you can get that new report to display the correct information for the agent report back and I can post a document that will show you how to use that report in Finesse


Thanks Graham,
I will give that a go, once I have an opportunity to experiment and test. Likely to be in a day or three. Will post the results of my (no doubt crude and rather pathetic) attempts at comprehending this esoteric world of Finesse XML programming :-).

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