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How to change user permission to show a specific Stock report in CUIC in any version?

I know how to give permissions in CUIC for User as well as for Groups. But when I tried to give user access to Stock report for particular user, that user is able to see all Stock reports but my work is to give access to one stock report for only one user, That user should not be able to see other reports.


1. Created a new user.

2. Created a new Group for this user.

2. Set permission to one Stock report to that one user as well the Group (I tried only with user as well).

3. Removed access to all users for that Report.

4. That report has access to new user and new Group and admin alone.

5. I tried 'Run as' with the user and checked, he is able to view all the Stock reports.


Strange is, when I did for a Custom report, it is working fine. So i'm suspecting only with Stock report.

Am I missing something here?

Thanks and Regards,
Sathiya Kumar V M
CUIC Developer
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Re: How to change user permission to show a specific Stock report in CUIC in any version?

Technically, you could manage the permission levels for all of the folders and reports but Cisco TAC is unlikely going to support you. The stock reports provide a type of "reporting baseline" for authorized users to generate or schedule reports. As you know, users have the ability to create custom reports by saving a copy of the stock report. These custom reports are saved and stored separately from the stock reports.

The problem is, once you modify the stock reports (i.e. global permissions, settings, etc.)... these changes potentially impact everyone; meaning, you might find yourself sooo far down the rabbit hole and you won't be able to find your way back. What happens if you leave and the next person takes over? Will they be able to figure out your setup? If the answer to any of these questions is no... or maybe... then, perhaps leaving the stock reports alone is best. Otherwise, you must find the CUIC Reporting Templates for your version of whatever... and good luck if you're running UCCX, with embedded CUIC. You might as well reinstall UCCX.

All joking aside. Most likely, you can accomplish whatever you need to by creating a Custom folder with multiple subfolders and then, restrict permissions to these custom folders. And the good news is, you won't have to worry about any gray areas with Cisco TAC support if you don't mess around with the Stock reports.

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Re: How to change user permission to show a specific Stock report in CUIC in any version?

Nice response!

Another thing to consider when you're giving permissions to people, is when they leave and you decommission their accounts, CUIC will start to bark at you because the account is no longer valid; however, there is also no easy way to move ownership to a new user. You basically have to copy their copied report as a new user, to take ownership, then delete their old copy.

Alternatively, create reporting user accounts which are given to people in their respective positions, and you'll never have to worry about it.

E.g., User helpdeskreports owns and manages all Help Desk Folders/Reports, and when the Help Desk manager is replaced, the account remains active, password changes, and new Help Desk Manager takes over this account.

Anthony Holloway

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