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How to collect info in CVP and send it to the ICM?

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Level 1


CVP Call Server 4.02

CVP XML Server 4.02

ICM 7.2.3

Comprehensive Call Flow


Under this configuration, the ICM script play prompts, collect info, execute a VXML application, etc. invoking the microapps on the CVP.

The question is:

Is it possible a configuration where the CVP begin executing a script (For example a VXML App that resolve all the front end, I mean, play prompts, collect data, query a data base, etc) and only after that, transfer that information to the ICM to resolve only the agent routing?

Is it possible?

thank you in advance,


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Level 1
Level 1

You would need to have ICM in control of the whole transaction.

However, ICM supports two methods for interacting with CVP:

1. Microapps - where ICM instructs CVP to play individual prompts, collect digits, etc.

2. VXML Applications - where ICM instructs CVP to start a VXML Application (using a Run External Script Node).

With option 2, your VXML application can interact with ICM for data passing, and with other data systems, etc.

So, call comes into ICM controlled CVP. ICM instructs CVP to start a VXML Application. When the app is complete, control passes back to ICM, with accompanying data.


I agree with Corey ... although you may have been slightly misled by 2, since all microapps are invoked by a "Run External Script" node. In 2, we start the external VXML application through a "GS,Server,V" microapp.

Most developers who have been playing with CVP for a while mix microapps and calls to the Cisco CVP VXML Server applications (ex Audium) as appropriate.

Prompting and simple menus ("Press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish") or gathering an account number etc. are best done with the lightweight microapps.

Music and prompts while the caller is queued to a skill group (or skill groups) are ALWAYS done with microapps.

Reserve the use of the Cisco CVP VXML apps for the "heavy lifting" - complex menu systems, talking to back end DBs, web services etc., capturing recordings by the caller etc.

You will quickly know what is the best tool to use - microapps using the ICM Script Editor only; or Cisco CVP VXML apps using Studio and the Script Editor.



>you may have been slightly misled by 2, since all microapps are invoked by a "Run External Script" node. In 2, we start the external VXML application through a "GS,Server,V" microapp.

Ooops - thanks Geoff. My mistake there...


Thank you gentlemen.

Let me say something about the point 2:

I don't have the license for Cisco VXML Server, so I implemented my own VXML Server

¿How?, on this way:

In IPCC I set the following variables:





Then I start the external VXML Application through: GS,Default.aspx,V

The CVP call My VXML Server through the following URL:


Pretty straightforward. The problem is that my server has to response a VXML document and pass a result, so, I had to study VXML, it's not difficult at all, here is the W3C Specification:

Finally, My Server response a document like this:

456 is the result of a previous store procedure execution and this value is passed back to the ICM

In my case, I only had to execute an SQL store procedure. So, Why to pay a Cisco VXML Server License to do a simple thing like this.

It's funny because, I had to do this research because we bought the Cisco VXML License but we are waiting for it yet.

On the other hand, if you don't want to write VXML, there is an iniciative of technology.voicetools that is a plug in for Eclipse, sounds familiar?. Yes, this product looks exactly the same of Cisco VXML Studio. But, absolutly free.


marcelo rocha