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Fernando Lacarra

How to create Contact Center Express Grammars with ASR?

Hi all,

I have a CCX on my lab and I am trying to create a grammar recognition file to ASR. I have read about grxml, gsl,vxml and so on but I am not able to configure anything. For example I want to recognize when a caller says "I want to know my account balance".

If you could provide me any guide or some guidelines I will be grateful to you

Thanks by advance

Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee

I had a hard time with this myself.

There is quite a bit of information online in regards to building well written grammar documents, but they have a steep learning curve. At least for me they do.

Here is an example document that I used with the Simple Recognition Step. The caller says "Sales", or "Support." You create a connection for each tag ("menu_sales", "menu_support"), which makes the Step look very similar to a menu.

--- main_menu.grxml ---" root="main">





You will have to upload your grammar file to the repository first, then create a Grammar variable with the name of the file. i.e., Grammar mainMenuGrammar = G[main_menu.grxml]

There are other, very complex, grammar documents that you can build that account for filler words like, "uhm", and "ah", but I do not have an example for you. This is a small corner of the UCCX platform which does not have a lot of support.

Whatever you learn, do post it, as I'm sure many of us can benefit from your findings.

Thanks for your reply.

I have discovered a new way to do it with gsl grammar without uploading the .grxml file. I attach two screenshots.

At first, I inserted a "Create Menu Grammar" step and define the connections. For example my third option is "opcion3" on the menu but my ASR should recognize "I want two pencils". The gsl grammar inside GG[] should be like

GG[(I [want need] [one two three] pencil)]

Also with this grammar I could say "I need one pencil"

I don't know if I explain me right?

Thanks for your contribution


I forget this URL about basic GSL grammar

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