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How to invoke a cucm music file for the finesse on press hold.

waqas sardar

Hi Team,


Please find the attached script.


We have uploaded a Moh file in cucm and working fine on a phone internally.

Also have configured CTI route point with Moh.


Further, how to add hold and unhold step in script so that Moh file invoke from the cucm?




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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
for MoH, you need to set the source in the Call Control Group.

Hold would simply be:
Call Hold (--Triggering Contact--)
Delay xx sec
Call Unhold (--Triggering Contact--)

We have five trigger in application management and want to configure MOH for one trigger only.

And If apply MOH on Call Control Group, that will work only for  one specific trigger or on all the triggers?

It will be all of them. You could create a new separate Call Control Group and assign it to the one trigger however. There is no way to set MOH on a trigger itself, just on the CCG it's associated to.

Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
You said you made the change to the phones and to the CTI Route Point, but did you make the change to the UCCX > Subsystems > Cisco Unified CM Telephony > Call Control Groups? You'd be looking to set the User Hold Audio Source to corresponds to the Place Call Hold step in the script, whereas you'd be looking to set the Network Hold Audio Source to correspond to Call Consult Transfer and Select Resource/Connect steps.
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