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How to trigger a custom timer event

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Level 4


I'm working on CVP 10.5. I want to route my call studio flow to a special menu after a period of time, for example after 60 seconds i want to prompt a special audio. But my call wont be ended, will continue after 60 seconds as well. Is it possible to set a timer working background? May be creating a background event and catch it with Hotevent element? Is there any similar experience ?



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Gerry O'Rourke


An approach which would give similar functionality, but not exactly at 60 seconds...

Set a timestamp variable when the call flow starts.

In the main sections of our call flow  use a decision element to check current time against start time timestamp variable and if its over 60 seconds route play your prompt file.



Are you saying that you want to prompt the caller for input, wait 60s

for input, and if there's still no input, then move to a different menu,

that behaves similarly? In this case, you might just sent the NoInput

timeout to 60s in your menu. And perhaps set MaxNoInput to 1. So after

60s of no response, you'll exit the menu down the max_noinput path, and

connect to a different element.

Or are you trying to make your program 'sleep' for 60s?

Be aware that  the gateway times a response from vxml server;

And VXMLServer is timing responses from the gateway.

So there are likely some timers you'll need to take into account.

Hi Janine,

This is not about noinput timeout, i want a timer that will evaluate the call's time from beginning. I want to start a call, call flows for example for 60 seconds normally, after 60 seconds i want to catch the timer event and prompt to customer a menu may be for help, if the customer wants the menu actions, flow can continue with menu options or flow can continue with the normal flow, so i want to understand that the call is at 60.second, and take an action like menu or audio prompt, and continue in the call. There is a timeout setting in Gateway settings but it will end the call after the timeout, i don't want the call end.

gorourke's solution is right but it's very difficult to check at all elements of the call if the 60 second is over .