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How to work out speed of answer for 60\120 seconds

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Good morning Cisco Community  wonder if you might be able to help.  We have had a recently installed New Cisco Phone system with finesse and Jabber installed, we have Cisco Unified Intelligence Center 12.5 installed. 


I look after out monthly reports and as part of that we have 2 KPI which are based on how many calls we answer within 60sec and 120sec.  We also have further complications as we need to be able to split this by CSQ.  Som that we can have values from some individual CSQ and the rest combined together..    Our current Calculation is as follows:-


(Calls Answered + Abandoned 60sec or less) / (Answer in 60sec + Abandoned 60sec or less)


Now  my understanding of Cisco is we can have 1 threshold set.  which would either be used to calculate 60 or 120.  Which is fine for one of our KPI but can any advise me if there is a way to get the other one perhaps as a parameter when running report.   Currently I've been advised to download load the whole inbound queue and work it out in  excel.  Please don't tell me that's the only way to do this.  Id be surprised considering how big Cisco is..  Not least as on our old System we could enter the values prior to running the report.

I would also like to be able to pull out this report by Hour as well as totals.  As we need to mark those hours when we had MI. 

Please feel free to ask any questions and Ill do my best to answer them.  I hope this question make sense

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Trying running the CSQ Acitivy Report by Interval.  That will allow you break the calls down into 30 and 60 minute increments.  You can schedule these reports to run automatically and send them to an email or a shared drive location.

As far as building thresholds into CCX to categorize calls based on speed to answer, I have no idea.  As someone suggested I typically grab the data and use Excel.  Perhaps there is a way and someone will chime in.

Thanks for the update will look at that and see if I can also group as needed for the different CSQ.  

I was there would be a way without needing to use Excel.  Understand it not common to have 2 KPI for the same thing.  But we do Unfortunately.