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How to write ANI/CLID to D Channel


How can I dynamically write ANI or CLID data into the D-Channel for outbound calls? I'd like to supply the ANI data on a call-by-call basis.



Cisco's implementation of R2 signaling has DNIS support turned on by default. If you enable the ani option, the collection of DNIS information is still performed. Specifying the ani option does not disable DNIS collection. DNIS is the number being called. ANI is the caller's number.

The doc posted is no longer avaialbe, did you ever get this to work?



Hello all,

Yes rbermel83, I forgot I posted this question years ago , but today I received an email notification triggred by your post. I had to learn how to do it through trial and error, I suppose I posted this in the wrong forum? because I never did get the answer you can see.

I have good news for you though. The answer turned out to be mostly simple.

In ICM, use a "dyamic label" and after the dialed number add the suffix ";CLI=", and then add the calling line ID override after that.

So, for example, If I wanted ICM to transfer a call over the PSTN to 888-555-1212, and present an ANI of 300-123-4567, that dynamic label would contain:


Depending on the infrastructure, you may also need to add a prefix to route the call to an outbound or egress gateway.

Furthermore, the local switch that sends the call out over the PSTN may need the SBN/BNS option enabled for the LTDATA tuple on each of the outbound trunk groups used for these calls to permit a CallingLineID (CLID) override. Otherwise, it could stomp on the override with a billing phone number. Also, this SBN/BNS setting could have implications for 911 emergency calls. Be careful about this in a call center environment. Fortunately, you can set up rules on that same switch to dedicate a tunkgroup that does not enable the SBN/BNS option and configure that for any 911 calls.

At the destination, there could be one other hurdle, but for B2B it should be easy to overcome. The WAN PSID setting (AT&T example) may have to be enabled in the destination carrier ingress trunk groups to allow the field you are overriding here in the data channel (ISDN PRI-speak) to be preseted as the caller's ANI.

  Best Regards!


     Could the same be applied to tansferring calls from ICM to voice mail?

We route calls to voicemail at some point on our ICM call flows this is how we do it:

Set up a line in CM and forward it to voicemail,

create a mailbox for this line,

then (in ICM) send the call to a dynamic label using the line's number.

Maybe there's a way to send only the call tho unity and them supply the vmbox number; something like this


any ideas.


I route to voice mail in lots of places just like that - except I use a fixed label on the possible (CVP) routing clients.

Good post by CiscoKidsFriend.



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