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I'm looking for a brief explanation of the following three ES

Cisco strongly recommended we apply some recent Dialer and Campaign Manager ES’s proactively as these have several fixes other customers have needed on the SIP Dialer:

o   8.5(3) ES3: http://i/patch?id=10746

o   8.5(3) ES5: http://i/patch?id=10755

o   8.5(3) ES6: http://i/patch?id=10766

o   Note that these are NOT cumulative so each should be applied in order.

Looking for an explanation in plain english regarding these patches above

What ES stands for and what thoses patches mean

Any help will be appreciated


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Jonathan Schulenberg
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

ES stands for Engineering Special. Generally speaking an ES is a rollup of fixes that are not yet available in any public release. Additionally, the fixes have not gone through the more complete testing (e.g. regression testing) that a formal release has.

Most products have an ongoing changelog document that explain what defects are covered by each ES. You can use that to look up the details of each defect in the bug toolkit if the bug has been marked public. You typically have to obtain the changelog/release notes from the Cisco support resource you are working with. None of the ES information is public typically.

PS- Moving this thread to the Contact Center area might provide you more on-topic responses.

Very helpful response will be using it with the information on the release notes for each ES to speak with teh customer.

Thank you for the tip and the assiatance.


Adrien Ngbwa

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