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I need to enable Italian Language in an Existing CCX environment

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I need to enable a second Language in the Existing CCX environment

Add a front-end message that presents the caller with language option, and re-program the script, duplicating the existing options for the Italian Language.

Is there a cisco guide to do this, has anyone worked on this before, how did you get it working

Please advice, Thank You in Advice

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Accepted Solutions

We need to do Lab recreate to find the root cause of this issue . Any way can you move the prompt in en_US and see if that fix your scripting issue .

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Seems like you just need the prompts in a different language but use the existing script. After getting the second language option from caller you can call a copy of the current script which uses the Italian propmts. You can create "Main script" to get the language option from the caller and then call the relevant script based on selection.

So I think I understand, question is I have only one number for both language options, so should just one one application and create different triggers to point to the two language scripts?  sorry newbie questions, still familiarizing myself with uccx scripting

Hi Grace ,

No need to create different trigger . You can use menu step for call distribution .

What i understand that you need two language lets say is some one call then you will get option like " thank you for calling XYZ" for english press 1 for italian press 2.

on play prompt step you can use a prompt which can greet caller in enlish and italian

on Menu step you can give option to caller for both english and italian .

If you have user which can handle both italian and english callers then this script will work for you

or else you can use one more select resource step for Italian caller .

I hope this will help you

I have attached the sample script for your reference

Yes, the users will handle calls for both Languages, the second language on the script is only for the script prompts.

Tks, let me take a look at the script and I'll be back with more questions

I am trying to integrate the menu script into the existing script

So call comes in, callers hears Press 1 for ENG or 2 for Span

Then it takes them to English or Spanish Menu

I have this pointing to a DID for testing but when I call the DID, all I hear is “Are you still there”

What am I doing wrong ?

I didnt get you Pointing to DID mean's you have created new trigger for testing ?

No I did not create a new trigger, just pointed the script to a test app for testing only.

Based on Log output files from RTMT it seems that by default the system is trying to access the Spanish Language files under en_US directory even though all the wav. Files were uploaded into the correct directory under es_MX.

Have you ran into this before with prompt directories

This is the logs below:


42516828: Oct 15 19:07:43.210 EDT %MIVR-ENG-7-UNK:Execute step of Task 40000151215 : Menu (--Triggering Contact--, Menu_S)

42516829: Oct 15 19:07:43.211 EDT %MIVR-SS_CMT-7-UNK:MediaDialogChannel id=231,state=IN_USE MDC::set: enter OK

42516830: Oct 15 19:07:43.211 EDT %MIVR-SS_CMT-7-UNK:init:: flushDTMF=true DTMFBuffer.size=0

42516831: Oct 15 19:07:43.211 EDT %MIVR-PROMPT_MGR-3-UNDEFINED_NAME_PROMPT:Undefined user or system prompt: Name=Menu_S.wav,,Transcription=null,Language=en_US, user prompt '/opt/cisco/uccx/Prompts/user/en_US/Menu_S.wav'

42516832: Oct 15 19:07:43.211 EDT user prompt '/opt/cisco/uccx/Prompts/user/en_US/Menu_S.wav'

Can you please send me the screenshot of Prompt Management ?

Here you go!

The file in the Log is actually sitting in the es_MX folder,

and not in here


We need to do Lab recreate to find the root cause of this issue . Any way can you move the prompt in en_US and see if that fix your scripting issue .


Anthony, Ravi et All,

You guys provided some great pointers, and recommendations, and that thankfully resolved most of the issues.

@Ravi, yes there was some issues with the file structure and that was causing the script to terminate the call.

I re-structured everything, re-created exact folders in en_US and second lang. folders and that resolved the issue.

Appreciate you all