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ICM default label for dialed number


I have checked my AW router log viewer and found there is a number of message like

"No Default label avaiable for dailed number xxxx"

I didn't apply any default label settings in the dailed number and wonder why where will be so many default label is returned.

How will the default label will be returned to callers in IPCC??


Hi Geoff,

you could point it to a label hitting a dialpeer where survivability would take care of the routing of it or a network announcement.



Javier Cuadros


It seems the problem is with the routing script. the error is generated for two main reasons:

1. if the target cannot be determined within the timeout treshold of the routing client

2. if the ICM routing script reaches the end node with out having produced a target.

so the solution can be either configure a default label for the dialed number, or to edit the routing script to avoid end nodes with out labels.

Hi Folks, 

I have faced this error in my environment for one call only but it costed both icm router processes crashed. In the router logs it appears that router has throned "No default label available for dialed number" error thousands of time like a loop and then restarted process.


Shouldn't router just though this error message and move forward.

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