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ICM dynamic label transfer


For UCCE 8.X can anyone share info on how exactly a transfer happens using dynamic label.  We are transferring out to 800 no and somehow the calls sent out are not matching what is being received at the other end. 

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Chris Deren
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The call is routed back to the routing client i.e. CVP or CUCM (wherever call arrived from) and follows dial-plan configured on the routing client i.e. CUCM Route pattern in matching partition or if CVP is involved either CUSP/CUPS/CVP dial-plan. If you are doing REFER transfer with CVP then the call gets routed back to the originating device i.e. ingress GW and a dial-peer is matched.


Do you know, if the dynamic label holds the leg after transferring outside. I have target requery enabled and it seems to come back after the call is over.

Yes, in order to release it you need to do REFER transfer to Label (typical recommended) for blind transfers.


Ok, so as I understand do I need to send it in the dynamic label with rf appended it it. So if I am transferring to 

918001234567 do I do "rf918001234567" in dynamic label. Will this automatically work or do I need anhy additional changes through OPS console. 

Also is it recommeded to enable target requery.

Correct use RF, you don't need anything on CVP side, you need to make sure your routing clients can route the calls. For example when he call is referred back to ingress GW, you need to ensure the GW has matching dial-peer that can route the call. If you are using sigDigits you need to ensure the sigDigits are part o the destination-pattern, etc.


How about target requery ?