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ICM Historical reports problems


We have implemented an ICM version 7.0 with several Avaya Definity ACDs. The system is up from several years ago but since some weeks ago we are experiencing a problem with historical reports: for a center (a PG) when we get an historical report (service or skill group) by half hour, we only get data of certain time ranges of the day. At the following day we have the same problem. It is something intermitent and the time ranges showed is different each day. We have checked that historical data is missed in the database tables (Service_Half_Hour and Skill_Group Half Hour).

Othe strange thing is that all day data seems to be acummulated in the last time range showed.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks and regards

VIP Advocate

Is it possible that you're running out of space in the database?


I would check the database free space as well.

Another thing you might want to look into is to see what time zones the PGs and their associated peripherals are set at. We ran into a wacky issue where the reporting was showing up different due to the fact that the central controller/reporting running time zone was different than the PGs.



Does anyone know if you need to do anything else to get data recovered to the logger from the PG, after you change the registry setting: DateTimeForHistoricalDataRecovery to the date/time needed?

I can't get data to sync after changing this setting.

Furthermore, is there a document that spells out the different things that you can do in the registry, other than calling TAC e.g. DateTimeForHistoricalDataRecovery settings, etc.

Riccardo Bua

Hi again Raul,

you can check as well if the PG sent those data to the router.

It might well be it is experiencing any sort of network problem, there should be a local file on the PG with the .hst extension to host that data.

In order to recover the missing data, do the following after the

above mentioned steps have been executed:

- Make sure the peripheral is active

- In Windows registry (regedit.exe), set the following key to a desired

value (x is PG number and y is A or B):

"PGxy\PG\CurrentVersion\OPC\DateTimeForHistoricalDataRecovery". The value

should be in the following format: MM/DD/YYYY/HH/MM

- The oldest data that can be recovered is 30 day-old.

Hope this helps,



Thanks to all for your answers.

I have expanded databases but the problem is still there (if it were a spare space problem it should happen on each site?).

I have checked time zones and are ok.

I have found the files Riccardo mentioned and did the changes in the registry but the information has not been recovered and the issue is still there. The gap were there is no reports is quite big for being a netwotk problem.

Any other idea?


Do you see data in other areaslike Call Type and/or Route Call Detail for that same time period? For instance, if you place a test call, do you see that call missing in all fields, or just certain ones?

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