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(ICM) "Termination_Call_Detail.PeripheralCallKey" value...

We use IPCC 6.0 with CallManager 4.0(1)sr2.

I want to know about CallManager CallDetailRecord's column matching to Termination_Call_Detail.PeripheralCallKey value.

When agents make call same outside phone number with prefix 9(in korea, we use "9" for out dialing), some case, it recorded as "OutSide Call (PeripheralCallType=9)" in Termination_Call_Detail, other case recorded as "AGENT_INSIDE_CALL (PeripheralCallType=10)". The two situations have no difference.

Help me!!!!

Cisco Employee

The difference between an Outbound and an Internal call is whether the call gets off switch or not. So its somewhat dependent on the call's CallDisposition.

Do you see any patterns with the CallDisposition in these conditions where it is Internal or External?


Thank you for your reply.

I hope that you can see attachments.

Generally, digits "9" is used for outbound dialing in korea. TCD.DialedDigits value "99969983" is from "9" + "996-9983"(Target Number).

In attachment, some case TCD says that it is AgentOutCall (PeripheralCallType=9) and other case says it's Internal Call (PeripheralCallType=10). Those CallDisposition values are all "14(Disconnect/drop Handled other)".

I think that the two cases are all outbounding call.

In CTIOS Event "OnCallBegin", parameter "CallType" is marked with above (some times "9", other times "10").


Yes, I took a look at the attachment. Assuming those calls really are off switch, then we are seeing some odd data.

I just responded to a related issue. "Persistent CTI Driver Error" is about a harmless warning message in CTI OS Server logs for the Network Reached event. Its related because the network reached event is the event used to attribute a call as an outbound/external call.

I would recommend that you open a case and attach TCD records and logs from the CCM PG. Reference the following link for how to enable tracing.

I always strongly recommend installing Support Tools. The link I provided has an associated link on what they are and how to install. Its real easy to install. Put the manager on all of your admin lap tops. It makes log collection so much easier (plus it has other cool features too).

Cisco Employee

As to your original question, the PeripheralCallKey is an amalgamation of the CDR GCID. The node ID goes in the first byte, and the sequence number goes in the final 3 bytes. Its not necessary an easy link, but its there. Also, the CCM and IPCC subsystems can capture legs a bit differently. We have not invested in analyzing how they correlate. We treat them as separate reporting entities. One PBX the other ACD.

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