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Import Report Definition


Hello dear experts,

I hope everybody is well and OK today.

I need help please in importing a new report definition. I have an sql query made by our developer and I am now trying to import as a new report definition but I just couldn't figure what I am doing wrong or what's wrong with my code.

My first problem is: when I do the import using the xml file (by the way, I did two steps to get my xml file. 1; I SAVED my notepad query AS with .xml in its filename. 2; I saved my notepad query to MS WORD, then saved my WORD file AS xml file type). So, I have two different xml file with same code in it. Then I  tried using both files but cuic wont let me do this as I am getting the attached import  error.

Import Error.JPG

I tried my 2nd option which is to SAVE an existing report definition AS and edit the code there. I think I had the luck at first but looking at the report I created using the report definition, I can't seem to figure out how I get get the parameters for @startdate, @enddate, and @agentslist so I have my filter in the report. Can I just edit an existing report definition? If yes, how do I also replicate that parameters when running the report.

I will be so glad and thankful if someone can tell me what I did wrong or if there is a more correct way to do this? I think I am stuck and I have nobody else to ask around now.

By the way, I am also attaching the actual xml I was trying to import in cuic.

Thanks in advance to you alll

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Have you validated that the XML is correctly formatted? There are different XML parsers that are able to validate, and point out errors.


I have attached a sample CUIC report definition. You can try the same format.

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