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Inactive Agent Names show up in the filter lists for Historical Reporting Client and Cisco Unified Intelligence Center historical reports, I need delete user by CLI SQL command


Hi Community, I need delete a inactive agent from CUIC by SQL command

This command show me the inactive user:

admin:run uccx sql db_cra select s.skillname , r.resourceLoginID, r.extension, r.resourceFirstName, r.ResourceLastName from skill s inner join resourceskillmapping rsm on s.skillid = rsm.skillid inner join resource r on rsm.resourceskillmapid = r.resourceskillmapid join team t on r.assignedteamid = t.teamid where resourceloginid = 'jperez'

Skill_1                  agent2      2220                                            Juan    perez perez

 Command successful.

Somebody can provideme the sql command to delete specific inactive agent???



Bill Mungaven


I'm in a UCCE/ICM/IPIVR environment and I don't know if creating agents in the UCCX environment is the same as UCCE so I apologize if this information doesn't apply to your situation.

I use the Configuration Manager program to create the agents and assign them to teams. Once I delete an agent, the agent data is moved to the deleted objects container under miscellaneous tools. I don't delete the agent and person objects in this section until about 6 months later. I believe if I delete them right away, supervisors can no longer pull CUIC reports.

If you use the Configuration Manager program, check Miscellaneous tools -> Deleted objects. At the top of that window should be a table called Person and Agent. I believe you need to click on the Agent table first. Click the button to select all at the bottom of the window and click on delete permanently. You do the same for the Person table.

After doing that, try running your CUIC report again and see if the deleted agent(s) still show up in the report. If so, I don't know what else to suggest.


Hi Bill,

  I dont have Configuration Manager program, thank you for your answer & time.


Deepak Rawat
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Please note there are below two things that you can do when you want to remove the inactive entry which shows up in CUIC and cause confusion related to agent name, CSQ name etc.

1) First is, we can create a Collection Query in CUIC so that the reporting is done only on the active data as mentioned in the below defect

2) Second is, we can remove the entry completely from the database that you want which will be done by TAC by accessing the root of your UCCX system. The only disadvantage of removing the records completely from the database is that you will never be able to run any reports for that entry in future if you want to whereas the first option allows you to report on the inactive entry as well in future. So the choice is yours as a customer and hence if you want to remove the records completely, please contact TAC.

Note : The DB tables that actually store these configuration value and other things are not in the platform DB and are maintained in the Application (UCCX) database, hence delete/update operation is not available from normal CLI as they are possible for CUCM or CUIC. Also, though the value seems to be coming from CUIC database but it is actually referenced to the UCCX database (db_cra to be specific) and hence nothing can be done from CUIC CLI point of view as far as delete/update operations are concerned.



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