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Inbound calls Auto answer ring time issue

Hi All,


We are running PCCE 11.6.x and we enabled Auto answer with Headset for all the agents.


We have 1 local and 2 remote sites. Local site agents are using hard phone and remote agents are using soft phone (jabber client enabled auto answer with headset for Jabber client we found Minimum ring time delay is 0 to 12 sec (1 ½ or 2 rings) this is normal. But few agents ring time delay is more than 16 to 60 sec.Please suggest how to fix this ring time delay for inbound calls.


Note: We are not using PCCE desk settings Auto answer option. Because ICM cannot offer beep sound for inbound calls. So we enabled it on CUCM DN level and beep tone was heard only when agent is using headset.


Thanks & Regards,



Hello S.Ram


That is a very good question.  I recently experimented with Jabber client 12.5.1 and UCCE 11.5 auto answer agent.  I found we routinely have the "normal" minimum ring time delay 0-10 sec as you stated, even though the agent desk setting is set for auto answer.  I find the ringtone from the Jabber client very useful to notify the agent of an offered call, but 60 seconds of it would be hard for the user to accept. 


I wonder:

1. Is the same Agent Desktop configuration in place for both the local and affected remote agents?  I just noticed your note that you are not using agent desktop settings.  I am less familiar with PCCE than you are.  You may want to test a Jabber client 12.5 with Agent Desktop settings = autoanswer.  The Jabber 12 client is nice because it has notification options for ring and silent toast popup to alert on a call offered, even if the agent desktop is auto answer.

2. Would it be useful to collect a packet capture (i.e. wireshark) at the remote Jabber client PC when it starts ringing?  Potentially there can be packet loss in the SIP flow after the initial INVITE that starts the Jabber client ringing.  It might help if you were were lucky enough to capture a good call and a bad call from the same client.


Perhaps the Bandwidth, Latency, and QoS Considerations chapter for the UCCE SRND would beneficial to review for traffic at the remote site?

That chapter also mentions several delay parameters that are possibly configured for CVP, and may be present potentially in your case.  Not sure.  I wish you luck and success.







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