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Integrate UCCX ver 11.5 with ServiceNow

Casey Arnold

Has anyone integrated ServiceNow with Finesse in UCCX ver. 11.5?

If so, is this something that I should be able to handle myself, or is it going to require a 3rd party tool of some sort?

Thanks in advance for any assistance?


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For anyone looking for this, we have an embedded Finesse ServiceNow CTI plugin that provides this. Supports UCCE and UCCX. It requires *zero* on-premises hardware or software, working completely from the browser. We can setup a working demo in your test ServiceNow instance - connected to your actual Finesse server - within about 10 minutes. 


If you're interested, you can reach out to us at: See our post and product page for more info:



Hey Casey, I was wondering if you were able to come to a conclusion about how to accomplish this. I've been researching and am not quite sure if Workflows can get the job done. Still looking for a guide or something to outline exactly what we're looking to do which is, once a call is answered from the IVR a new incident is opened up automatically while having certain fields populated with the calling party information. 

Hi I have done a deployment couple of years ago, how we have achieved it like this Service now can create a ticket if it receives an email, now what are all the information needed to create a request, we can prompt the user for his employee ID, the issue that he have for example 1 for laptop 2. for black berry and then the script searches the employee database and the script can create an email using create email step in UCCX editor, we will also be attaching user recorded wav file of problem description with this email. We can input from, to, and the recorded problem description and the body however the way you need it, we can also record the priority of the request in that email and can be send to the service now and service now then converts it to a ticket and places in an appropriate queue, FYI you need to know UCCX scripting really well to achieve this but its doable.


If service now needs to be open automatically on Finesse you need to create appropriate actions on workflow

Thanks for your reply Jinto. I'd rather not have to create more steps for the callers on this one. There should be ways to do this by invoking the REST API, right?

The process I have suggested is how we can create an automated Service now request through normal Telephony user interface by calling into a service desk hotline, REST API's can be used for a lot of different functions but it depends on your requirement, how users want to interact with the contact center and the type of integration that you are looking for.


Hi Team,


I have created the script . 

What is the steps that I need to add service now api in Uccx script to fetch the Employee ID.


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