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Integrating third party CTI client with Cisco CTIServer (GED-188)


In full disclosure I'm not a SW eng., I'm a VOIP/IP telephony there's a lot that I'm naive to when it comes to bear with me, please!

We (Cogito) have a real-time voice analysis and recording product that provides real-time AI/ML based guidance to contact center associates.  Two of the main components of our solution are SIPrec and CTI...SIPrec providing the signaling and media, while CTI provides agent call activity/status and call metadata.  Of this metadata we rely heavily on Cisco-GUID for SIPrec to agent call leg matching as well as agent ID for agent identification (for use in the case of hoteling scenarios).  One of the shortcomings of Cisco UCM CTIManager is that CUCM doesn't expose Cisco-GUID to the CTI library...therefore it's not transmitted in CTI, and agent ID isn't available either.  I was able to figure out a workaround for the Cisco-GUID...we can get it into CTI, but it's not an elegant workaround and in some cases not possible to use.  Because of this we're trying to figure how to integrate with UCCE CTIServer PG (GED-188), whose "all_events" trace gives us everything we need...Cisco-GUID, agent extension, agent ID and agent call status/activity.  Our software engineers are trying to build an adapter or application for this integration, but...I'm having issues finding any information on exactly how to integrate with CTIServer.  I understand it's a TCP/IP based protocol...and we use ports 42027 and 43027, but, how exactly do we initiate this connection and request a certain level of all_events trace?  What message is used when opening a socket to request "all_events" be sent to us?  There aren't any API's or SDK's...and most of what I find online is a little vague...  Does anyone by chance have a sample of the messaging  and it's dependencies...or even better, a snippet from a sniffer?  Just looking for any guidance or assistance on how to integrate with CTIServer...and what exactly it takes.


Thank you very much...

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