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IPCC 4.0(5)/ Historical Report - - 'Agent Not Ready Reason Code' Report

Does anyone have experience with modifying the 'Agent Not Ready Reason Code Report' template, as well as the default database query it uses? Basically what I'm after is a way to change the way this particular report is displayed. Right now, when I run this report there are a bunch of 'junk' reason codes up in the header of the report. They are all 32,XXX numbers (Cisco default) that I don't even use in my CAD reason codes. I'd like to have those not show up at all. Secondly, I'd like to edit the reason code columns. For instance, now the titles of the columns show as RC1*, RC2*, RC3*, etc. I would like those columns to show something like' Reason Code 1 - Training' or 'Reason Code 2 - Lunch', so that the reason code title and corresponding text are the same as what is shown in the CAD reason codes. Thanks for any help.


Re: IPCC 4.0(5)/ Historical Report - - 'Agent Not Ready Reason C


I am facing the same issue here. Any progress? Is it possible to get user-defined reports?



Re: IPCC 4.0(5)/ Historical Report - - 'Agent Not Ready Reason C

Yes. I had to buy Crystal Reports, version 8.5 I believe. Then you have to go into the file where all the report templates are stored, find the one you want, open it with Crystal Reports, modify it, and save it. It was really quite a pain and would require a lot of work to modify every possible report. We ended swithching to a differnt ACD system, almost entirely because the reporting in IPCC Ex is so bad.

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