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IPCC Enterprise 6.0 with Remote CAD agents

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Frequent Contributor

Hello All,

I am running IPCC Enterprise 6.0 with a centralized CCM 4.1.3 cluster (all servers are located in Ca) and I am looking into deploying CAD agents in our remote location in Pune India.

Please share your experience if you have deployed this type of installation !!!! My main concern is the WAN connectivity from here (California) to India.

Thanks very much in advance !!!


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You should be fine as long as you have standard bandwidth where ever your remote agents are.

If you are in need of spanning(for monitoring, recording etc) you may want to increase the bandwidth.

IF your agents in Pune are in a facility that has t1's, t3's etc you are fine. Local individuals if they can get around 1 meg by provider its super.

Keep in mind your Ca needs, usage, number of users , peak hour etc.

Good luck,


Hi Baseer, I appreciate your response !!! I currently have a T3 circuit in the Pune facility now but I don't have any call center agent there yet at this time and the call volume to Pune is pretty low at this time so all is working fine right now. My concern is the WAN response time, I am getting around 270ms - 280ms round trip between US and Pune. And I understand CAD is a very sensitive application and since all my servers are located in the US I am not sure how CAD will behave with that response time.

Thank you very much !!!



I don't know the needed minimum response time have to lookup for exacts but it looks fine.

CAD should be OK it only check the agent state and telephony events. Your voice packets probably be choppy if speed drops.

Good luck,


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