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Ask Me Anything - October 2020

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IPCC Express - Divert Call back to queue?

I have a customer who is saying that some functionality has been broken during recent changes to their system. She is claiming that call center agents used to have a "divert" button on their phone that would send a call back to the queue and make an agent not ready. I think she's talking about iDivert, but I don't see how that could possibly work….unless it's just an accident. Below is an excerpt. Have anyone ever heard of this?

"I have used this feature several times and noted that the call goes to the next available tech. One of my techs tested by waiting until there was only one call in the queue and diverted the call and it did, in fact, go to the next available tech. Also, if this helps, once you selected the divert option, the tech was automatically place in a not ready status as if an agent is offered a call and doesn't pick up within the configured time. It is my belief that if all techs were busy, that the call would keep its position within the queue until a tech was available to assist."

Any assistance appreciated.


Hi Clifford,

Could you pls explain what changes have been made to System. What version of IPCCX is in place.




System is IPCCX version 4.0.4.

The changes that were made were small. The DN was changed (due to a need to resolve an overlap with another system connected via trunk), and in the process, the Voicemail profile was changed from to "No Voicemail".

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What's the setting on callForwardBuys/NoAnswer on the Agent DNs? Perhaps it's set to go back to UCCX script, which is the only explanation for this situation.





My CSQs work like that also, and I am on IPCCX 4.0(5). Can you provide a before and after script? The idivert is the same behavior as the phone not being answered. Have you tried a call to the CSQ without answering it to see the behavior? It should make the agent not-ready, and put the call back in queue. BTW - I don't know if the place in queue is maintained or not, so I can't validate that either way.

I forgot to mention that I don't have any Call-Forward Settings on the extensions set...



There is no before and after script....the scripts were not touched. Just the settings on the IPCCX DN on the phone.

Not currently on site, and don't have remote access. I'll have to look deeper at it when I get back over there in a week or so.


So what are the forward settings on the ACD DN?

Are they what I said in my previous post?

So, what happens now when the line rings and they press iDivert?



The forward settings are not set on the ACD DN.

The iDivert button is no longer active because the voicemail profile was changed from "" (which really means use the system default) to "No voicemail" which really means no voicemail. Once that change was made, the iDivert button is no longer available on that line when it rings.


See if there is anything in Unity matching the ACD Line DN, or the old VM Profile Mask. Perhaps there was a routing rule or a call handler that sent the call back to script.


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