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IPCC Express Rec. playing .raw extension

Anyone knows which player can we use to play this .raw files. I think before 4.0 the agent recordings .wav right?



Re: IPCC Express Rec. playing .raw extension

Anyone knows where in the IPCC is this export utility? Haven't found yet. This is what the srnd says:

The recording capability of IPCC Express is not intended for usage as a permanent recording archival solution. However, an export utility is also available to bulk export all recordings into a .wav format. The export utility has no ability to specify selected recordings and will export all recordings on a Recording component. System administrators could build their own customized command macros or process that would perform regular (at least weekly) exporting of the recordings for permanent archival of agent call recordings.


Re: IPCC Express Rec. playing .raw extension

The docs seem to reference two processes. I have not been able to get the process described below to work. Here is something from a related thread:

The audio files are located at c:\program files\cisco\desktop_audio

and you can find this utility on IPCCX server at c:program files\cisco\desktop\bin.

audio files are located at c:\program files\cisco\desktop_audio


c:program files\cisco\desktop\bin

Bulk Export Utility Tool

1. what is it?

This utility tool is used to export all recording calls information from Rascal database to a file,

and allow user can access each call record later.

2. how to use

To export the previous information from database, this utility tool need to be ran on

the existing system and before any update.

1. Make sure Rascal server is running properly

2. run RecordingBackup.exe.

3. under your shared AudioFiles directory where all the recording wav files exist,

you will find the following files being added:






RecordLogView.html C:\Program Files\Cisco\Desktop\Utilities\Bulk Export\xml\RecordLogView.html

4. To view all the record information. Run RecordLogView.html by double click on the file.

The recording files are categorized by day of week.

5. When the files have been generated/copied to the correct location. You can start your server update.


Re: IPCC Express Rec. playing .raw extension


Does this Bulk Export Utility export the .raw or the .wav files ?

Do I need to convert them first in wav format ?

Did anyone use Raw2wav utility ? I tried to convert a .raw file using raw2wav.exe but the new file seems to be damaged. It's probably due to a misconfiguration.

I want to plan a daily task to convert all the .raw recordings from that day into .wav format. I think about using raw2wav utiliy + a batch file. Did anyone tried that? Is it a good solution ?



Re: IPCC Express Rec. playing .raw extension


How (where) can i download CRSraw2wav.exe line utility?

In my IPCC, CRSraw2wav.exe line utility to be absent.


Q. How can I archive or permanently save the recorded phone call files in an

IPCC environment?

A. The recordings made by supervisors are archived as raw voice data

packets. The recordings can only be reviewed using the Supervisor Record

Viewer. However, if you want to permanently save selected recordings as .wav

files, you can use either of these methods:

Use the Play and Save button in the Supervisor Record Viewer and save the

recording to a selected folder.

Use the CRSraw2wav.exe command line utility. This utility is located in the

C:\Program Files\Cisco\Desktop\bin folder. It must be run from this location

in a command window on the computer that hosts the Recording & Playback

service (RPServer.exe). Refer to the Using the CRSraw2wav Utility section of

Cisco CAD Service Information for more information.

Viktor Lukashov


Re: IPCC Express Rec. playing .raw extension

One of the issues that we have had is that the recodings are done round-robin between Master and Slave. So, recordings are on both servers. Does this occur on other installs? Is it something that can be addressed via configuration?

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