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IPCC Lab set-up

Level 4
Level 4

CM 3.3.3(sr4a), CAD 6.0

I have three CMs in a cluster in a separate vlan.

I added another CM to be used as an IPCC Lab CM/IVR server.

The Cluster is not "aware" of the Lab CM, and the Lab is not aware of the Cluster.

I am trying to program a 7940 set using a static IP address and the IP addresses of the LAB CM, and not having any luck. I have the IP and TFTP addresses hard coded into the phone, but am not sure what the router settings should be.

I would like to be able to disconnect my 7940 set from production and install a LAB programmed 7940 to my network connection and have it register with the LAB.

Are there any guidelines for doing this? Is this even possible?


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Thanks for the links, but there of no help. (Production is IPCC Enterprise w/CAD 6.0 and CM 3.3.3SR4a.)

I managed to get a 7940 working but not the way I thought it should. When I added the set to CM, it assigned an IP address to the set. I had already hard-coded an IP for the phone, so it never hooked up. I haven't been able to find where in CM I kill the DHCP feature. I'm afraid that the Lab will assign an IP that the Production cluster has already issued.

Another problem I'm hitting my head against the wall on is trying to export the DC directory from production and then import it into the LAB. The export worked. The import however keeps complaing about the DC directory not being "bootstrapped". I can't find any info on that either.