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IPCCE Agent Whisper

dinesh joshi


Can we achieved  whisper to  the agent ( Like this is Sales Call or Maintenance call ) prior to call delivery and answer by IPCCE with IPVIR.

Does anyone have a workaround or ideas on this? Is it possible with any IPCCE with IVR solution. I know it is possible with IPCCE with CVP 8.5.

Please help..



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VIP Advocate VIP Advocate
VIP Advocate

There's a Cisco Live presentation which walks you through how to do it, but to be honest it was not a pretty solution.  You might want to Google for it.  Personally, having a clear PV sent to the agent desktop works just as well as a whisper and notifies the agent what type of call is on the phone.


Hi David,

Could you please share that link of cisco live presentation.

I have gone through the google but not getting any solution for the same.

As you are mentioning we can display the message for the call type like Sales Call or Support Call with the help of PV but how to play the same to agent

before the call lands on agent desktop, is a big issue.

As per cisco document it is supported with IPCCE 8.5 with CVP 8.5 but with Cisco IPIVR 8.5 is not supported.



Nevermind, I was confusing agent whisper with agent greeting.


Hi David,

Thanks for valuable input.

Since agent desktop is devoloped by other team. i will get it check with them.


Dinesh Joshi

Can't find the white paper but from memory you attached what you wanted the whisper to be as a PV then used a macro to call the built in Windows TTS engine to announce the PV through the sound card. Needed either IP Communicator (since it played through Windows) or some 3rd party hardware for handsets to work though from memory.



Just as I post that I found an old email of mi


It’s under UCCX but applies for Enterprise as well as it is really a CAD workflow thing. Ideally for environments with IP Communicator as it uses a little VBScript application to invoke the Microsoft TTS to playback enterprise data via the PC but as it mentions you can use a Plantronix MX10 amp to bridge PC audio and a physical hardphone through to a single headset. Neat little way to do whispers as it doesn’t use IVR ports like if you use the method where you use the IVR to place a call to the agent and play an announcement first before routing the call through.


Actually this is possible with the IPCC environments. I am working with Huawei IPCC suite and agents are receiving a whisper about the next call in different languages based on the selection in IVR by the customer and then the call will be landed on to the CTI tool bar.

I believe this should be available in Cisco also.



Hi Bala,

Whisper is available only with cisco ipcce 8.5 with CVP 8.5 even with ipcce 8.5 with IVR this functionality is not available.

Because of that i am looking for any alternate solution.



Thnaks for your valuable input.

Since we are using customize agent desktop, I am checking the same with my team.




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