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IPCCX/UCCX and Extension Mobility Question


Context: IPCCX/UCCX 4.x and CCM/CUCM 4.x environment.

Can an agent have their ICD Extension on a single

phone (office phone) and have that same extension

appear in a single User Device Profile (for use in

branches when away) for use with Extension Mobility?

Extension Mobility would only be allowed to support

one simultaneous login.

Having the user have the device association and the

extension mobility association appears to be accepted

within the CCM/CUCM CCMAdmin GUI.

This seems to go against the idea of not sharing the

agent extension; but then again, Automatic Device

Profiles seem exempt from this practice.


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I did this in my environment. I am now on 5.x and trying to remember exactly how it was configured... I think when assigning the phone device to your user, DO NOT configure it as your default extension. I had to add both the extension mobility device name and the phone to the rm user for IPCC to recognize. I remember having an issue with reporting the call as being answered properly in IPCCx but think that was resolved by NOT setting the default extension. Formally, as you mentioned in your post, the agent extension should not be shared in IPCCx...

Has anyone managed to get this working with IPCC Express 5.0 with CUCM 6.x? If I statically configure the phone with a DN, everything works fine, but if I set up a profile and log in on the same phone I get the following message:

"Login failed due to a configuration error. Please ask your system administrator to associate your phone with the RM JTAPI Provider user ID"

As the RM JTAPI user is an Application user in CUCM6, how is it possible to do this?


You can associate device to RM JTAPI user on the back of the administration page although if it is an application user.

I can't test it now (no CCM6 in front of me)

The error appends when you log CAD or when you log the profile on the Phone ?

Verify your EM configuration on the phone.

Verify that the extension of the user you try to connect with CAD is the extension of the EM profile (ccm administration user / ipcc extension)

Hope it helps

Remy (france)

Thanks for the quick response Remy.

I have associated the device (phone) to the RM JTAPI user, but I don't think it is possible to associate a UDP with an application user.

I can log into the phone ok, but get the error when logging into CAD.



I was curious if there was ever any resolution to this. Is it possible to use CAD with extension mobility? We are using IPCC 5.0 w/CM 5.1 and would like to use CAD for our sales staff

Yes it's possible. I have done this using IPCC 5.0 and CM 5.1. What you need to associate with the RM JTAPI app user is the physical IP phone device not the EM Device Profile. So your agents have to login to IP Phones that are already associated with your RM JTAPI.

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