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IPPA: Just enter the password to login in UCCX 8.5

Level 9
Level 9

Our customer is going to buy a system with IPPA (IP phone agents). After they  logout the agents, we found that the login name and extension number  cannot be cached.

Is it feasible in UCCX8.5?

So is there a way to just show the user to enter the password only? That means:

ID: Anand


Extension: 1001

We want the user to just enter the password when they click the service button.

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Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You would need to setup another web server for this to work.

You would configure a phone service in CUCM, subscribe it to the phone, and manually add the Agent Name and Extension to the URL params:  E.g., http://myserver/ippa?ID=aholloway&Ext=1001 - Do this for every Agent.

When the IP Phone accesses the Service, the name and number are sent along with the request to your web server, you then send a phone service page including the name and number and ask for the Pwd.  the submit button should take all three pieces of information and send it to the correct login URL for IPPA.

This is untested, and just a theory.  Please let me know if it actually works.

I have ths same problem and I have tried the approch. But I still failed to do so.

What should I put my ID and ext in the following links?


Please advice. Thanks!

Level 1
Level 1

We used a combination of Extension Mobility with the IP Phone Agent service as a One-Button Login.  Since ours was an HA pair, there's two IP Phone Agent services, one for each server, in case of failover.  Since the IP Phone Service is assigned to the EM Profile, that was all the security needed, and the OneButton Login approach works great.

Good Luck!