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Is anyone using Cisco Mobile Agent with analog phones?

Level 1
Level 1

We are looking at using work-at-home agents.  For various reasons, we want them to use analog phones.  We are on CM 7.x and UCCE 7.5.1.  We run the CAD desktop.

The documentation is not always clear regarding the configuration requirements.  I am also not clear as to whether two separate gateways are required (the "caller gateway" and the "agent gateway"). Are the agent phone connections always treated as FX lines?

I have more questions that I can ask in this space.  I am looking for someone who has successfully deployed this and would be willing to work through the process with me.            

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Level 9
Level 9

Hi Sefjelstad,

You can refer the section "How Cisco IPCC Remote Agent Option Works with an Analog Phone" from page 70 onwards in the below link,

Note: I have not done any of these implementations yet.



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I have gone through that doc, but it is sometimes ambiguous and does not answer all of the set up questions.  Just by trying things and then acting on the resulting error messages, I have gotten about 90%  of where I need to be with this.  I can get the calls extended out to the analog device, but if I want to transfer the call or conference someone else in, I am having issues with CAD being able to connect out to the third party.  I can place a call from CAD, so I know I have connectivity back to Call Manager.  It's just the in-call part that I have to get figured out now.