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is there a negative impact if we change the trace level of CUIC from basic to detailed?

Level 2
Level 2

Hi All,

Good Day. I would like to verify if there is a negative impact or it will affect the uccx system if we change or enable the CUIC trace from basic to detailed? 

We would like to enable all this trace to Detailed so that when we encountered again the issue on CUIC reporting, we can share the logs immediately to TAC wherein it was already in detailed trace.

By the way, the issue that we encountered is that there is no data on the cuic reporting on april 8 and 9. We gathered already logs for cuic on rtmt tool, however it seems not enough information inside those logs that is why i'm planning to enable the cuic traces to detailed.

We already done it from other client, however the version of UCCX on that client is 9, and this version now is 10.5.

Appreciate your inputs on this inquiry.

Than you so much.

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Deepak Rawat
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

There is no impact and in most of the case you will find it set to Detailed only. There are few services such as LDAP Monitor, CCX Notification service for which it is suggested the logging should remain disabled unless you require it for some t/s purpose but not for CUIC. Feel free to enable them.