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Is there any way to change call originator number in Cisco Outbound Dialer


I was thinking if there is a way to swap call originator number with any other number while making an outbound call using Cisco Outbound Dialer.


We have a requirement from one of our customers to run an outbound campaign and swap the call originator (dialer port) with any other number before initiating the call.


Customer is planning to launch a miss-call notification in case of insufficient balance. For example, a customer (A Party) tries to dial B Party number but he is not able to do this because of insufficient balance. By this the A Party call will be dropped by playing 'Sorry, you have insufficient balance to make this call. Please recharge your account and try again'. In this case, customer wants us to initiate an outbound call to B Party number to notify. 


Let us suppose, customer backend system provide such caller numbers (including both source and destination) in a database. We are planning to run an outbound campaign which reads these numbers and start dialing. We want Cisco dialer to swap the default number with A party number before initiating the call. So, B Party can see a notification (1 or 2 second call) that A Party tries to make a call. 


Please suggest if this is the right way to do this and also share if there is a possibility to change the dialer default number before initiating the call. 

We are having UCCE 8.5 enviorment where we will be testing this feature. 

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Chintan Gajjar

To some extent you can change what customer sees as ANI with dialer initiated outbound calls.

you can do it using campaign prefix configuration available for the campaign.

e.g You can configure campaign prefix 12345 for campaign A, and with the help of translation rule on gateway you can completely transform the ANI.(e.g if ANI starts with 12345XXXX then convert it to something else).

but what i understand from your request is you want the customer to see different ANI based on what you configure in import, and that something i strongly feel not out of box available with Cisco outbound solution.

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