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IVR 4.x - caller recording a prompt but there's a catch


We use CRS 4.04 with ICM 7.0. We utilize two CRS servers for load balancing/redundancy on anything that runs through the IVR. We have a problem though. When we were just using one IVR, we had a script that would record a message to be used by another script. How do I duplicate this in a rendundant/load balanced environment? If the caller records the prompt to be used by another script, every OTHER caller will hear it because the prompt was recorded on one server only.

I've played around with trying to "write" the recorded prompt to a shared drive on the other IVR server. Either I'm not using the right code or the IVR is only allowed to write to itself and not remotely.

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Unfortunately, there is no way to easily share the prompts across two servers (it was easy in IPIVR 3.x). You have two options:

1. Write a http script that uploads the new prompt to the other IPIVR

2. Use a batch file to copy the prompt to the other ipivr but then you need to create an http script on the other IPIVR to "upload" the new script

Thanks for the reply. I was using the wrong code for the value of the shared folder on the second IVR. My preliminary testing has worked so far. I have the script recording the caller's message and doing a "write" to the folder on the active IVR and doing another write step to the shared folder on the second IVR. So far so good. :)

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