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Jabber or CTI command line client?

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Hello There!

I've wrote a powershell script that test all roles of ucce infrastracture, a kind of robot that loggining in on Finesse, make a call, calls cvp app, etc... the only "problem" is Jabber... having to use Jabber, firstly, forces me to use windows/powershell because I need a graphical environment/session to interact with the client, secondly, forces me to starts an interactive user session involving a lot of complexities and security issues...

There is a CTI command line client, that can interacts with CUCM, that you know of?

Thanks, bye,


***I've forgot to say that the script will run as a scheduled/Cron task, no humans interaction!

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So I mainly curious about this robot, I would love to hear more.

Now, would it be possible to use a SIP device or maybe use something like mobile agent? I believe IP Phone might have some libraries you might be able to use. The biggest issue here is that you have to configure a good bit of stuff to get a call to an agent so even if you solve for the end point you still have to build PGuser, devices, users in UCM which feels like a big lift.


Hi David!

Unfortunately I'm only a scripting guy, not a programmer! The script it's very long but not particularly complex! Of course, you need to create all objects, user, phone, routing script, cvp app, etc... Jabber saves it's proflile in a predetermined folder and finesse api do the rest! In my case I've wrote routing script that run a vxml app on all cvp on both sides (with allocation logic for redundancy checks), app that listens for a powershell-speech random $word and a digit random $number, wrote them into database and, at the end of the script, I check the value on db, if the value are the same, all ucce components works fine! For each step you've to manage the possible error to know which component did not works!

If I'll found a cti command-line client, I promise I'll post the script on github!

Dumb question, but why do you need to use Jabber, for the agent portion (aside from the agent Finesse test)? If it is for the dialing portion, why not use outbound option/dialer? If it needs to be a phone, have you looked into using IP Communicator and a script to have it dial like via keyboard shortcuts? I know it isn't supported anymore but for your use case it wouldn't seem to matter?

Hi bill.king1!

Unfortunately any other clients that needs an interactive session doesn't solve my problems... but, you reminded me the Campaign manager! I wil try to integrate it into the script! I need Jabber because I want to test entire calling flow inbound/outbound, a simulation of a real customer that calls contact center's services and a real Agent that works with ccenter.