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Limit connected calls in UCCX 12.5

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Dear Expert,

One of my client is using Cisco UCCX12.5 for Predictive Outbound calling. 

is there any way to set the limit of connected calls in predictive campaign so each agent will receive the selected numbers of connected calls which will save numbers and minutes usage. 



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Jonathan Schulenberg
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You can lower the Lines per Agent and Maximum Lines per Agent values on the campaign. See the operations guide.

This question seems a little odd though. The whole point of a progressive/predictive campaign is to make more calls, relying on the gateway call progress analysis to weed out those that are not a human, and keep the agents as busy as possible. Throttling the campaign back even further than needed to avoid abandons/misses is likely to result in agents sitting idle/available. Usually telco minutes are far cheaper than payroll minutes.

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your reply.

Lines Per agent value is already set it to minimum but still agent receive the 120 to 150 connected calls.

What do you mean "still agent receive the 120 to 150 connected calls"? CCX should only deliver one call to the agent at a time.

@Jonathan Schulenberg sir, 


Please find below setting snapshot, maybe we are doing something wrong.



What you're asking for doesn't make sense at all. Can you rephrase what you're trying to get at? What's the problem you're facing?


Dear David, 


It does make sense, when we talk about minutes consumption and data management.

i am doing some testing as per suggested by @Jonathan Schulenberg and will share the result later.

Thanks everyone.

Based on the information you share and what you are writing I think you might have a misunderstanding on how or for what these settings are for.

If you look at the built in documentation this is what it says about the two settings that relate to lines per agent.


As @david.macias suggested can you please rephrase what you are seeing and what you're trying to achieve as currently there is no one that so far have answered your post that understands the problem/issue your trying to get across?

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We have 80 Agents using outbound predictive dialing using SIP line. UCCX 12.5


1- Each agent receive 100+ calls. is there any way to control the calls like each agent should receive only like (50 to 80) number of calls ?
2- is it possible by using script ?

NOTE: Asking for this because client already used some third party campaign solution before and there was an option so that's why taking advise from cisco forum for Cisco products to know is there any way or not.


I guess you mean limiting a given agent to a maximum number of calls per day / work shift? I’m not aware of an option for that with the built-in CCX campaign feature.

AEF scripts do not apply to agent campaigns, only IVR campaigns.

I would say the only way is to create some script which monitors the UCCX reporting and then removes skills from agents when they get to the desired number of calls. The other way could be to limit how many records you put into the campaign.