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LoggedOnTime by Skill Group?

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Level 1

Hi all,

I´m wondering if there´s any possibility of gathering time logged in by Skill Group?


Agent total login time - 9 hours

- LoggedOnTime SG1: 6 hours

- LoggedonTime SG2: 2 hours

- LoggedOnTime SG3: 1 hour

I tried creating a query where I can filter on SkillTargetID and SkillGroupSkillTargetID, but the LoggedOnTime seem adds up for each Skill Group that´s assigned, which makes the LoggedOnTime way too high.

Any ideas on how I can do this? Divide LoggedOnTime by the COUNT of skill groups the Agent has been assigned to that day?

How can that query look like?

Thanks in advance!

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The stock "Agent Historical All Fields" report should already provide Log On duration per Skill Group that each Agent has activity on. What do you need that this doesn't already provide?




The stock "Agent Historical All Fields" report gives the LoggedOnTime*Number of skill groups, e.g. 14:16:45*8 = 114:14:00

I want to see LoggedOnTime for a number of SG´s that I´ve filtered out at the parameters.

The reason why is that we´re reporting some Skill Groups separately but some Advisors are doing all skill groups at the same time. In order to separate them in some way (and I´m calculating some figures based on LoggedOnTime) I need to do it this way.

I tried it like this but it doesnt seem like the COUNT(ISNULL(SkillGroupSkillTargetID,0)) is counting it the right way for some reason.




LoggedOnTime= SUM(ISNULL(LoggedOnTime,0))/COUNT(ISNULL(SkillGroupSkillTargetID,0))

FROM Agent_Skill_Group_Interval

WHERE SkillTargetID IN (:AgentSkillTargetID)

and SkillGroupSkillTargetID IN (:SkillGroup)

and DateTime >= :startDate

and DateTime <= :endDate

GROUP BY DateTime, SkillTargetID

(This is a part of a large and complex query, this is why I´m using Anonymous Block instead of DB Query)

Hi again,

I managed to get it working with the script above - but just realized it would never be possible to get the output I´m looking for. So I´ll drop this!

Thanks for your help