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Login failed on Ip Phone


Hi ,

When I tried to log in the Agent service on the IP phone, I got an error "selected service IP Phone Agent isn't active. Select another service IP Phone Agent". It had been working well untill they were restarted because of adjusting time zone.

Agent desktop application on a desktop is fine. Has anyone experienced of this kind of error?

We use UCCX 8.02 and CM7.15

Thanks in advance,


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I had the same issue and your solution worked for me.  Thank you very much!  You saved me from having a bad night...

Thanks for the post - It helped!

I had a similar situation where IP Phone Agent stopped working after UCCX reboots. ( CUCM version 7.1.3 and UCCX 8.0.2)

IP Phone Agent stopped working after UCCX reboots.

The solution that worked for me was instead of restarting the CUCM (Pub & Sub) servers, I only restarted the Cisco CallManager Cisco IP Phone Services on the Sub CM then restarted them on the Pub CM. 

After restarting the Cisco Desktop Browser and IP Phone Agent Service on my UCCX servers (in HA across the WAN), the service started working again.

Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in. We had IPPA users report the same error this morning. I saw your post, checked CCX and indeed it is failed over. As others have said CAD was not affected and because of that, we did not want to failback our CCX servers and take those CAD agents down during business hours. We will do that after-hours.

Configuring the IPPA - Secondary service did the trick and now our IPPA agents are logged in. Thanks Anthony!!

I'm glad this helped you out.  Thanks for the feedback, otherwise, I would have never known that this older post could possibly still be out there helping people.  Have a great day.

Anthony Holloway

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