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Mapping a SIP Header to CED on inbound SIP calls

I know it is possible to pass the value of SIP headers received from the network to UCCE, mapping them to the call.SIPheader context variable. What we are trying to do is something slightly different. We want to automatically populate the CED variable with the content of a SIP header. This will allow us to use that header to drive the selection of an UCCE script.  

As you all know it is possible to use a CED value received from the network in combination to the DN to define the initial Call Type that will then select the starting UCCE routing script. But there doesn't seem to be an obvious way of setting a value of the CED in CVP before the NEW_CALL message hits the UCCE router. 

We could of course check the content of that SIP Header inside a script and requalify the call. This achieves the same result, but we have hundreds of possible values we would need to enter manually in a script with cascading IF nodes. This would be greatly simplified if the script selection was done through the CED mechanism. 

We are using the CVP comprehensive call flow, with CUBE-E facing the PSTN network. 

Any pointers or ideas would be most welcome


Abu Hadee

Hi Antonio,

For any inbound call, you really can't do any processing, CVP will automatically send it to ICM. In the process of sending the call info to ICM, CVP does make some SIP header to mapping to ICM variables, but CED variable is not one of them.


So, you are out of luck here from the CVP side.


Here is one messy idea I can put forward :) . If the Network is providing CED in the incoming SIP INVITE, did you think of doing SIP Header manipulation in the CUBE by taking the CED and putting as Request URI? that way, ICM will see the DNIS as the CED from the provider?


Hope this helps.




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