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Maximum size of a CCX/CRS application


For a customer I developped a CRS/CCX application with the script editor and the size of the script is around 150-160kb.

I estimate the number of simultaneous calls around 50 max maybe 100 ...

I ask this question because in the past I loaded some XML files of 10mb in memory and the system crashed ...

Now I'm working with many IF in this application and very small xml files to use as parameters (around 5kb max).

Do you think I can run into problems if my application is around 200kb?

Thanks in advance for the feedback

Kind regards


Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee

I don't think Cisco could possibly put out hard numbers on this, because your 200KB script could kill the CPU, while my 200KB script could barely spike the CPU. It's all about what it's doing, not how big it is. Now, that's not to say there is not a limit, i.e., I would be very surprised if you could successfully upload a 3GB script.

Assuming raw numbers: a 200KB file, loaded into memory 100 times is only ~20MB. With 4GB of memory, that's nothing (0.5%). So it would seem that the size would not be a problem.

Additionally, you could look into breaking up your scripts/applications and making it more modular. Just running the pieces and parts as they are needed, instead of loading the whole thing at once.

My $0.02 =)

I'm with Anothony: it's all about what you're doing with that 200KB. Sounds like a good time to do some load testing. :)

I suspect you'll run into the maximum step count far before you'll overrun the Tomcat heap size or CPU; especially with current MCS hardware. Also, sub flows count towards the "root" scripts step count so plan carefully.

Thanks for your reply. Load tests are already planned :)

I think that in the script I have around 230 steps but with many IF making the application vary following some parameters.

The maximum steps parameter, is "per application" or for the whole system?


We have a script where the 'main' flow is 730 Steps, in CRS Script Web Page has a size of 670418. Also this calls multiple subflows.


Why do you have a lot of IF statements?

Is Switch step not an option?


I have many IF statements because the customer wanted many different behaviour.

The IF are mainly to take the parameters of the application which makes the script behave differently.

I have also switch options for each steps of menus...

Good to know that someone else have a script of 630kb...


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