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Measuring Outbound Calls

We have a requirement to measure calls manually made by an agent to external numbers (i.e. outside of the switch).

Currently we are getting the figures for these calls from the Agent Skill Group Interval table in UCCE using the AgentOutCalls and AgentOutCallsTime fields for the volume and duration.

However, our operations are reporting back that they feel the numbers of calls being reported is too high.

Can anybody confirm what sorts of calls will be captured in the AgentOutCalls field, is it just externally dialled numbers or is is also capturing internal calls and maybe call transfers of some sort?


Jameson Gagnepain
Rising star


From the Database Schema:

AgentOutCallsTime: The total handle time, in seconds, for outbound ACD calls handled by an agent associated with this skill group that ended during the reporting interval. Handle time includes WorkTime, TalkTime, and HoldTime. The AgentOutCallsTime value includes the time spent from the call being initiated by the agent to the time the agent completes after-call work time for the call. The value is counted when the after-call work time associated with the call (if any) is complete, and the database is updated every reporting interval.

"Outbound" calls will include any call initiated from the ACD line, both internal and external targets. This will also include conference and transfer calls out.

If you're only interested in external outbound calls and their talk time, look at:

  • "TalkOutTime" - This should be Talktime only, and only from external outbound or consultative transfer calls.
  • (AgentOutCalls - (InternalCalls - InternalCallsRcvd)) - This should calculate the number of calls made outbound to external destinations.



Hi Jameson,

I noticed that TalkOutTime and AgentOutCalls are just the same. I tried running different dates, but the figure for these two fields always have the same value.


Thanks Jameson

The DB guide isn't the most helpful I find and I was planning to test your answer next week in any case as I was beginning to suspect there was a lot more in there than I expected and your answer confirms it.

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