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Migrate UCCE 10.5 configuration Data to PCCE 12.0 setup

Dear All,


We have installed PCCE 12.0 with  (Packaged CCE 2000 Agents) new setup.

Current running setup is  UCCE 10.5.x.

Planning to migrate UCCE 10.5.x setup configuration to PCCE.

Please let me know how to migrate UCCE configuration Data to PCCE setup.




Hey Ramamoorthy Maybee this tread can help you Best regards Thomas

Hi Thomas,

there is no proper cisco document for UCCE to PCCE migration steps, right?

Import and export is very difficult because we have more than 750 Call types, DNIS, Scripts, Agent, Skill group, etc..


Please suggest any other option available to achieve this.



It looks like there's still no official documentation for this, this defect was updated just yesterday and is still listed as an enhancement request.


Haven't done it for 12.0, but did for 11.6... it was incredibly tedious. At a very high level, here's what I had to do for the config. You parallel environment will start as UCCE and towards the end, you'll change the deployment type to PCCE

  • Modify the PGs in PG Explorer in. This is necessary because PCCE has static names for the PGs and PIMs. For instance, if you have a MR PIM for the Dialer named MRPG5_Dialer, PCCE will reject it... it has to be MR_PG and the PIM has to be Outbound
  • Update the HDS site names for your CUCM PG PIMs to either match what's already there or to whatever you changed it to in Websetup
  • Update the CTI addresses for CUCM PGs
  • Change the minimum correlation ID to 1001 and maximum correlation ID to 9999 in System Info
  • Change the default network VRU to CVP in system info
  • Bulk edit all the Call Types customer instance to NONE (0)
  • Bulk edit all the Dialed Numbers customer instance to NONE (0)
  • Bulk edit all the Network VRU Scripts customer instance to NONE (0)
  • Bulk edit all the Call Types customer instance to your_customer (1)
  • Bulk edit all Dialed Numbers customer instance to your_customer (1)
  • Bulk edit all Network VRU Scripts to customer instance your_customer (1)
  • Confirm that no quotations are present within Config Manager > VRU Script list
    • found that this sometimes happens during EDMT and/or Bulk editing
  • Change labels in Network VRU explorer to customer instance your_customer (1)
  • Make sure Users in User List are set to customer instance your_customer (1)
  • Make sure the Customer Instance Network VRU is set to CVP
  • Bulk edit All Skill Group records
    • Run this query: select r.RouteID,sg.EnterpriseName,'0',sg.SkillTargetID
      from Route r, Skill_Group sg where sg.SkillTargetID=r.SkillTargetID

    • Create Route Bulk Edit File. Use only routeid, ent name, service skill target id, skill target id. Paste query output into the file. save and reimport the file using bulk edit. All should now match

    • NOTE: Remember, Enterprise Skill Groups and Routes do not exist in PCCE
  • Edit your Agent Targeting Rules to make sure you have all the correct PG associations. Just add them all
  • If your Get Server Network VRU Script isn't VXML_Server, change it to VXML_Server
  • If you're using Device Targets, nuke them
  • If you're using Translation Routes, nuke them
  • If you have a lot of Administrators configured in User List, it needs to be under 100 configured
  • Make sure ECC Variable size is below 2500 bytes
  • Delete everything from your Deleted Objects
  • Set the Deployment Type to PCCE
    • Clean up any outstanding errors/alarms in the Inventory
  • If necessary, update your CVP and CUCM Labels in CCE Admin System Settings


Again, that's just for config changes. There are other things you'll have to do just like any other upgrade... database migration, re-setting up SQL users, CUIC migration, CVP Reporting Database migration, SSO...

Cisco Employee

Hi Ram,

There is an option of upgrade. You can bring your UCCE 10.5 setup to PCCE and upgrade it to version 12.0

Please check upgrade guide




Where do you see UCCE specifically mentioned in the link that you provided? I see PCCE but not UCCE?


You can always change deployment of your setup from UCCE to PCCE.

You might want to do it on version 11.5, as described in Upgrade guide



Hi All,

Thank for the update what is my plan

Will install new PCCE 12.0.1 setup in UCS C240 M5SX

Now I want to move UCCE 10.5.x setup configuration data to the PCCE 12.0.1 setup. Like Call type, Agent, Skill, Network VRU, script,  AW & HDS data etc..


There is any way to migrate UCCE data to PCCE setup or  we need to Import UCCE data  and export to PCCE using bulk templates




Setup your new environment as UCCE and make as many changes as you can there. Once done, change the deployment type to PCCE. The validator will tell you if something is wrong.

This is also correct. But if you want to migrate configuration data, you will need to uprade