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Model 7960 phones don't return to CSQ Stats after call

ok, I know these are old phones, but ran into something with UCCX 8.5.1 SU4 when the agents are IPPA on M7960 phones. The CCM is 8.6.2 SU3, phone load is 8.1.2 on a relatively new UCCX lab installation.

IPPA agents works fine, no issues, but post call the phone goes back to the normal phone screen. Our other phones including M7970 models stays at the CSQ Stats screen post agent call.

Not a bad thing to have the agents just hit services and select 1 for the IPPA login service, but why won't the phones return back to the CSQ Stats screen like the M7970 phones do?

Thanks, Jeff

Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee

Just to clarify, are you using the Telecaster user account feature which pushes content to phones using IPPA?

Either way, the only thing I can think is that the IP Phone SDK has changed for the better, leaving behind these older phones.

However, I will admit that it could be a firmware issue on the phone too, where it doesn't auto switch to the last application after call completion.

You could try new firmware on the phones or restarting the BIPPA service on UCCX.

This one sounds like it could be a tricky one.  Keep us posted.  Good luck.

Anthony Holloway

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No, the phones are all IP Phone Agents in UCCX, so they subscribe to a phone service where the agents log into the UCCX CSQ. The issue is consistent with the M7960 phones, so I am getting more confidant that the issue is firmware related since the UCM cluster is the latest rev for UC 8.6.

I think I will try older M7960 code and see if that does it.

Thanks, Jeff

I changed the BIPPA user to that of the RmCmUser and password, worked great.


Had no effect on newer phones, the older 794x/796x was the problem child.

Thanks, Jeff's working now?

Anthony Holloway

Please use the star ratings to help drive great content to the top of searches.

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