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MoH and JTAPI CallControl Groups


IPCC Express 3.5 The goal is to have different MoH for difference CSQs using the Call Hold/Unhold method (in lieu of Play Prompt .wavs) I have created a new Device Pool in CallManager pointing to the new User and Networ MoH sources. I have Created a set of CTI Ports and associated them to JTAPI. I have created a new JTAPI CallControl Group on IPCC and assigned them to these CTI Ports. I have assigned the CallControl Group to my Trigger.

The problem, is that when the script runs, the default MoH is being played during the Hold/Unhold steps within the script. I was under the impression that when the call is queued, IPCC places the IVR Ports in a Consult Transfer state and that I can control things like MoH at the Device Pool level. Perhaps there is a step I am missing?

Your assistance is much appreciated.

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What is the name of the new users you created ?

and what is the old user you had?

er... not sure what you mean. I was not creating users?

no matter. I figured it out. I hadn't reset the CTI-Ports involved in that particular JTAPI Call Control Group

I was wondering if you got anywhere further with this as have a customer who wants to do a similiar thing but instead of MOH the caller should hear ringing so was thinking of a MOH source of a ringing phone wav. But obviously only want this MOH for those CTI ports and not standard phones.

On IPCC you can break the CTI Ports into JTAPI Call Control Groups (so that one call center uses a different set of Ports than the other). That JTAPI Call Control Group gets assinged to the Application on IPCC> Then, for those respective CTI Ports, you assign them to their own Device Pool on CallManager. To the Device Pool, assign the MoH. (You could assign it directly to the IVR Ports, if you wish, however, I prefer doing it at the Device Pool level since you can make the changes fast when updating).

As far as using a ringing.wav, yes, I've done that too. If you only want the ringing to occur on transfer, you would create a MoH source callined "ringing" (or something) and assign that .wav to it. Then assigne that MoH soure to the Network Hold for that Device Pool. The Network Hold is what is played when the system places the call on hold (transfer, conference, etc) The User Hold is what is played when the user physically pushes the Hold button.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need furthur clarification.

oh, btw, don't forget to reset the CTI Ports - otherwise the MoH won't fully changed

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