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monitor outgoing calls in finess

need to monitor outbound calls in finess for user training.


This is possible ?



necesito monitorear llamadas salientes en finess para entrenamiento de usuarios.

Esto es posible ?


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I don't think Silent Monitor cares about the direction. Just select an agent in the Team who is in the Talking state and then press the Silent Monitor button. Does this not work for you ?




Hi, thanks for your help.

When an agent makes a call in the supervisor's finess the agent gets in not ready which does not allow him to monitor in finess the outgoing call


hola gracias por tu ayuda.

cuando un agente realiza una llamada en el finess del supervisor el agente se pone en no listo,lo cual no le permite monitorear en finess  la llamada saliente 



Thank you Jonathan. Good to know the UCCX details.




Thanks for your help, I would have to update my version from 11.5 to 11.6 to have this functionality.

There are just a couple of slight problems with this.

First the outbound call needs to be made by the outbound dialler, the agent dialling the call does not work.

Second an outbound call has two possible connection states, ringing and if the call is answered connected. The Supervisor sees both states as Talking but if you try to silent monitor while the phone is ringing there is no audio stream to monitor and you get an error message. If the call is answered there is no change in the displayed state it still says Talking. The result is the Supervisor does not know if or when the call is connected and silent monitoring will work.


Thanks for your answers they have been very helpful.


When this requested the problem I will comment the solution.





I see in this reference:

that in release 11.6 of the cisco UCCX the supervisor can Silent Monitor a agent that makes outgoing call.


you know how to do this?



Is it possible to monitor a call dialed out manually by the agent ( Not dialer call ) ?

No, the Supervisor can only monitor outbound calls if they are placed by the dialler as part of a campaign.

Even then it does not work very well as it displays Talking when the call is ringing, if you try to silent monitor you get an error as until the call is answered there is no audio to monitor.

You may be able to write a Gadget that would enable you to monitor dialled calls.


Hi Charlie,
Parsec Telesystems( is one of those 3rd party solution providers for Cisco.

If you need assistance for the requirement of Silent Monitoring & Whisper for your Cisco contact center/CUCM platform you can contact at info(at) for a live demo of the application.


Parsec's MARS Silent Monitor & Whisper application for Cisco CUCM / Contact Center
Works with install bases having Cisco CUCM only
Works with install bases having Cisco UCCX / Cisco UCCE

-Monitor all incoming Calls
-Monitor Campaign Dialer Calls
-Monitor manually dialed outbound calls
-Monitor Agent to Agent Call
-Whisper Coaching
-Continuous Monitoring feature
-Monitoring can be initiated via a web based UI
-Monitoring can be initiated via IP Phone service based application in the Cisco IP Phone
-Displays agent phone status (Offhook , Ringing , Busy)

Did you read the Release Notes for this new feature?

Monitor *Manual* Outbound Call
Supervisor can silent monitor when an agent makes an outbound call in the Not-Ready state from the ACD line.