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Move agent into Ready if Finesse user does not issue a MAKECALL function

We thought of an interesting use case for Finesse, but haven't found mention of it yet in the support community or documentation.  I'm fairly certain this can be done, so if anyone could kindly point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.


We utilize reason codes for a few different Not Ready states within Cisco Finesse Administration, one of which is a "Not Ready - Outbound state.  The purpose of this state was to excuse the Finesse agent from inbound calls, while they make a manual outbound call for verification for previous calls.


My question is, would it be possible to create a gadget (Running in the local user's Finesse instance) that could be aware of the agent's current duration of this state, and move the agent into a Ready state if the Finesse user does not issue a MAKECALL function within 60 seconds of entering this particular state?  I suggested to the client that they may be able to gain similar functionality using wrap, but theirs is a slightly different use case.  E.g. The outbound call(s) may not necessarily pertain to the last completed contact which led the agent to the wrap state.  I also should mention outbound calls are currently not permitted while in the wrap state, because the Finesse user is a mobile agent (the Call gadget disappears in wrap state & the user lacks any other line appearance which JTAPI would be aware of to use for the outbound call). 


Any assistance or guidance would be appreciated.




Cisco Employee

Short answer, Yes and No.
The code can be setup as a hidden gadget. Using the finesse.js and some javascript, you can watch for state changes, and only use the reason code for this Outbound state. Then you can perform any general function the system allows, such as supervisor initiated Ready. The main caveat here would be if the agent is off hook but not on a call. THis would require some pretty custom coding though.

You should also consider looking at one feature in 11.x. Finesse does a much better job at handling agent line and personal line (if used) and seeing off hook, ACD busy, Outbound, etc.


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